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質問:The software of LED screen
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The software of LED screen is used to play the content is still mostly software. According to the use category, divided into the synchronous and asynchronous system software system software. The procedure is equivalent to saving the contents to be played on the U disk, automatically read by hardware when playing from U disk. The single-color display is currently mainly used in this way.

Currently asynchronous system or in smaller LED screen applications, but now they have a small number of the full-color display using asynchronous mode. Such software is more, such as Shanghai Ling letter, Shanghai Yi-wide, Shenzhen Lai research and so on.

In the factory, each light-emitting of LED screen inconsistency must have the ability to by point correction, and after adding correction function enables the display even better.

At present, the domestic self-developed point by point brightness correction few manufacturers, color-by-point correction of the manufacturers even less. Since the by-point brightness, the color correction required, in the corresponding control system must have brightness, color control hardware to achieve the appropriate brightness, color correction function. Achieve correction logic is bound to consume some resources, but also caused an increase in design complexity.

Other popular software of advertising LED display mainly in industry-majority. For example, self-developed VISS LIGHTING advertising system, display systems market securities. Such software can be customized according to customers.


質問:The software of LED screen

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