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You will become serious if you adversely face it.
You can not become serious unless you face adversity.

Humans love maintaining the status quo ...
So when it comes to pinch, exerts its power.
= You can not maintain the current situation with this way

We set our own goals,
If you think that it is definitely going to do it
Instantly, each one satisfied until now
It is pinched.
= It can not be achieved with this way

When you decide your mind
The method comes from behind.

As long as you know the way
It is only for maintaining the status quo.

Spreading too much
Now my focus on the subject of interest (= concentrate)
I had to do it firmly
It was the morning I decided my mind.

Soba yesterday's lunch ...
At "homura an". 

I found this article in the newspaper ...
Nikkei Newspaper!!!

Half of the work will gone from the world.


Artist who met in Brazil the other day ...
She is making those a jewelry.

Please see her instagram!
Her sense is nice, is not she?

It is sold for about 160 to 200 US dollars + shipping fee 30 US dollars!

What you want is...
contact her Directly, 
or in Japanese contact to my staff・・・yu_jin726kyo_ko@yahoo.co.jp


mail renostra169@hotmail.com
My instagram:  renata_barcelos_sculptor
My web site :www.renatabarcelos.com


Funny group came form Hamamtsu! lol

If you decide, how to will come later!

Thank you in Tochigi!

Azabu juban office・・・

In Osaka・・・

Thank you!
Shima entertainment festival

May 21 (Sun)
Venue: Onzashirihama Special Site (Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture Shima-cho Onsenza 484)
Time / open 10: 00 START 11: 00
Ticket: General / 4000 yen
Junior high school student and under, 65 years old and over / 2000 yen
Ticket application place
(Please email us with your name, address, telephone number, number of required sheets clearly stated.)

The guests
Beautiful warrior
Kazuo Chiba
Hiroko Hattori
Natsumi Mizuki
53 + 84
Other pairs

Telephone from Tadao Kawaguchi ... lol

I am still in Lanai. lol
Takumi Yamazaki · · ·
Those who have been indebted for over 31 years · · ·
Ogura please also thank you.
Takamatsu Thank you also!
I am writing a book ...
Book about the way of speaking.
On May 24th I am going to a book store ~ ♪


lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

This idea, new ...
Something seems to be a new development.

Because it is a rural town, a car society, I can not go drinking.
There are colleagues doing drinking party at Skype.
I feel something or something similar ...

New artist!!!

Oh no!
And ...
A bird rabbit sent me a favorite part of "The Future After 5 Seconds".
I soaked in that it was a nice book. lol


Is this book still exist?!
I wrote it.



Ah! Keiko is there! lol 

The picture here ...
Takumi Yamazaki's installation ↓ ↓ ↓


carrying around water from purifier, · · ·
Only water?
You spend money and time. lol

Kikutchi's friend Hisada-kun ...
He became Japan champ of light flyweight! 


Alan Cohen's

If you commit to something, let's commit to being happy.

I realize the words!
Did you mean ...

When I decide to do business (commit)! 
Do you think that people will "throw out happiness and do this?"
Is not it a barter with a devil?

It can be achieved.

When we initialize it to be exciting and enjoyable
You can edit, process, cut and experience the landscape that meets that condition ...


Yuka tried to bring me out, but ...
Waves are rough ...
I could not snorkel. lol

Yuko Miyaki goes to Oahu island ...
We did yakiniku talk yesterday in Waikiki.
Oh, I want to eat yakiniku when I return to Japan! 

On her way back,
She met to Justin Young ...
great! lol


Thank you everyone!

Pilipino friends in Japan are growing rapidly! 
I am looking forward to it!
If you know such a friends, please tell me!!!

In Sapporo!!!

Also in Brazil
Thank you!

Brazilians in Japan also
There are plenty ~
I want to visit!!!



This is really good!
this evolution・・・
so nice!!!

If shares are released ... · Stop high?!

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