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mizuno BISSHON yuya's WAG winner

This is the winner of mizuno BISSHON yuya's art piece!

1) What do you think about WAG?

I think it is awesome. I love the idea of getting people involved with art on a more personal level and incorporating it into our daily lives, not just in galleries and on blogs.

2) How do you feel about being this week's WAG winner?

I feel blessed. I really enjoy the work of the artist whose piece I won. This was well-timed, too, since my birthday is this month.

3) What do you plan to do with the gift when you receive it?

I'm moving to a new apartment soon, so I am going to frame this and display it on my wall when I decorate.

Any other comments/feedback about Ouchi Gallery and the WAG project?

The gesture of giving art as a gift boldly asserts that art is valuable. 
Thank you for reminding us all that the work that artists do has value.

Thank you, Stevie

-Ouchi Staff, Risa F


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